Weturn to Waterdeep

📍 at Dom's Place
🙋‍♂️ including Callum as Cighter, Charles as Kamu Lignar, Dom as Stason Jatham, and Tom as Jwayne Donson

Renaer Neverember -

Ask Renaer Neverember if he wants to come to the sewers with us to find Floon Blagmaar. Agrees as stated before.

Our group heads down into the sewers. CLOH at front. Charles behind. Tom & Renaer Neverember behind with Dom at back.

Putrid stream flows down the tunnel. One way of the flow of the water has a yellow star down towards it, same as the tattoo.

Follow signs for an hour. Three way intersection with a floating eye in the water. One large eye, with 4 eye stalks It bears it's teeth and initiave behings.

Eye - Steps towards CLOH Bears his rangs and take a bite. Misses.

Charles - Shoots with his shortbow missing CLOH. Hits the eye for 8 points

Dom - Tries to invistigate the eye. Doesn't know much, only knows that it doesn't only attack with magic. Doms hits it with his short boy for 6 points of damage.

Tom - Tries to identify the eye. Learns that it doesn't just do physical attacks, and that it attacks with it's eye. Elemental attacks. You are the ugliest eye I've ever seen. You should wear a patch - 3 phsyic damage. Disadvantage on your next atction.

CLOH - Swings his werhammer for 5 points of damage

Renaer Neverember - Cannot attack from his lcoation

Eye - Takes a step back. Shoots and eye ray at Tom down the tunnel. Tom rolls a 5 and becomes fightened until his next turn. Rolls again no fear.

Charles - Reloads and his bow shoots and misses horribly (nat 1)

Dom - Intimidates the eye with a small finger circle below his hip. "Ha made you look"

Tom - Should have gone to specsaves. Disadvantage on his next action 1 physic action

CLOH - Swing spat. 5 points of damage

Eye - Turns it's eye towards CLOH, charms him. Can attack charmer.

Charles - Shoots over CLOH, 7 points of damage

Dom - Raises his finger towards the eye ball. Shoots his crowbow 4 points of damage. "EYE see you"

Tom - hey 5 eyes what u lookin at Misses his chant

CLOH - Takes a step away from the eye

Eye - Skuttles away.

Outside sound - We hear swords and shields coming down from behind us. CLOH notices the sound and gets worried. Tom & Dom notices the sounds aren't real.

Eye - Shoots another ray at CLOH. Dex save fail. An array of piercing cold energy hits CLOH 8 points of cold damage.

Charles - Steps out into the tunnel and shoots for 5 before stepping back.

The arrow hits it right in the 'eye' and bobs in the water D E A D

Tom searches the eye to find nothing of note. Charles cuts an eye and ties it around his belt, because he thinks it's going to give him more insight & the ability to look around corners.

Our group moves forward into a circular hub with a pair of arrow splits on the walls directly across from each other. Two passages continue to the north an south. A door is in the back to the west.

Perception Dom - Notices a second narrow walk way to north.

CLOH steps into the room with his shield raised. I can hear some scurring from the slits.


CLOH - Steps to his left blocknig his back with the pillar and front his shield. Tries to stab with his sword into the slot but connects with nothing.

TOM - Moves into the room standing next to CLOH. Showers the slot in front of him wih sparks but CLOH sees nothing.

Charles - Moves forward into the doorway to the back.

DM - 16 misses CLOH shot from the slot infront, 9 misses Tom from the slot behind.

Dom - Moves in behind Tom and reloads his crossbow.

CLOH - Swings into the Slot and hits something. Blood comes off my sword red. Yelp of some creature

TOM - Moves around to the South.

Charles - Pushes the door open and sees a 10 foot corridor that turns right to the north. 30 foot corridor that turns to the West to a doowrway. He walks down this corridor stealth like.

DM - Charles as he heads towards the door and gets hit was a bolt (4 HP). Arrow ties to hit cloh. Misses shield twang.

Dom - Walks towards the North slit. As above as below, may your mind be as cloudy as below. Will save fail. 2 points of physic damage. Disadvantage.

CLOH - Swings into the slot again (nat 1) nothing hit.

TOM - Moves into the tiny narrow slot to the south. He notes a room with stair case in the middle that goes up. With some beds.

Charles - Pushes the door. Rusty weapons thread bare clothing. Steps into the room and hides around a corner.

DM - Arrow shoots and hits CLOH shield. Tries to hit Dom but misses.

Dom - Convince that it's a bad idea to keep attacking but doesn't work.

CLOH - Moves away and follows Charles into the corridor with his shield against the slit in front.

TOM - Searches the room through the slit he entered. All of furnature fits something for a creatre of his stature, tables, chairs beds. Made for halflings or small creatre?

Charles - Peaks into the room to the north and spies a goblin in the north arrow slit room. He sneaks up to the goblin and beheads it with a sneak attack

DM - Shoots an arrow towards Dom 6 damage. OCUH

DOM - Not cool man not cool. 9 points of pshyic damage. He spies a goblin falling over and dying.


Charles searches the body of the goblin and finds 1G

The Adventurers heads into the same room as Tom. We find a rat like creature


DOM _ It's okay are you with the bad guys?


Shard Shunners Hostel basement.

Roscow - Rat wants 1G per guest, but after seeing Ranair says that 2G for the 5 of us is fine. Ranair appears to have been a guest here in the past.

OUr party ends up taking a long rest for and awake at 10PM. AFter making up CLOH pokes his head out the front door to figure out where they are, somewhere in the dockward. Clearly gone a good distance.

Our party heads back towards the stairs near the arrow slot room that lead down. It is a large corridor with a square room at the end.

Make a torch out of old clothes and a rusty sword.

Tom jumps on CLOH shoulders as they walk forward.

Ends in a room with almost nothing but 6 straw stuffed mattresses. All unaintaned. Size of goblin beds and smell like goblins. We can hear activity from the doorway in the other side.

We open the door in the bedding room to find another room with 6 more beds, threadbare, straw filled mattresses.

Dwaregar & Human are in the room. We recognise him as one of hte humans that got into a fight at The Yawning Portal. Waghgare has yanked blankets and trying to plug the door with the blankets. Human tells him that it isn't going to do and it won't work.

Charles heads into the room passes stealth and holds the human hostage as Dom moves into the room ready an ability.

The huamn falls into the grasp of CHarles and the Dark Swarf whirls around and vanishes.


DM - Human grabs onto Charles and tries to graple. He breaks the graple and steps forward out of reach. "I recognise you from The Yawning Portal. You helped me! Why are you attacking me now?"

"Please just get out. I'm giving you an opportunity to get out"

We realise he's trying to make us leave. But we realise that he's hiding something, we ask about Floon Blagmaar but he says he doesn't know (he's lying). Keeps telling us to get out. Dom listens to sounds beyond the door and hears squelching sounds. We ask questions and he draws his sword. Dom slowly walks towards the door at the end saying "I know how to deal with musk rats let me take a look". As he walks towards the door he bumps into the Dark Goblin.

DM DG - Goblin appears with a pick from mining and hits DOM who instantly falls unconcious.

Charles - Steps across a bed and walks towards the human. Slashes the human with his sword.

CLOH - Moves into the room dropping Tom off at the back of the room steps into range of the human. The Human attempts to attack CLOH but misses but enough to throw CLOH off and CLOH msises as well.

TOM - Looks at Dwarf. "Wanna know a joke? horse walks into the bar, why the long face?" Tries to do a joke and misses

DM - War pick from Dwarf attempts to hit CLOH, misses.

DM - Swing at Charles, and hits for 5 points of slashing damage. YOUCH.

DOM - Success roll on his down roll.

Charles - Swings and misses human. Takes a 5 foot step backwards.

CLOH - Swings with his war hammer and cripples the human and drops him to the ground.

TOM - Jumps from bed (medium springness). Shoots his crossbow at the dwarf and misses

DM DD - Pulls a javalin from his back and throws it at TOM. It shoots across the room for 3 damage.

Ranair - Stps into the room next to TOM

DOM - "Ranair you better save me!" Fail on the death save.

Charles - Charges forward and grabs DOM and drags him out of the room.

CLOH - Swings at the dwarf "FUCK YOU DWARF." Promptly misses

TOM - Shoots at the dwarf. 8 Points of damage.


DOM - SUCCESS at death roll.

Charles - Shoots at the swarf and hits him for 8 points of damage

CLOH - FUCK YOU DWARF. Swing and a miss.

TOM - Shoots and misses

DM DD - Swings his pick at CLOH, WAR PIG - 4 points of damage.

Ranair - Swings his sword and does 4 points of damage. Steps back from the DD.


Charles - Shoots at the dwarf and misses.

CLOH - miss with my axe.


DM DD - Swing with his war pick and misses with his war pick against callum.

Ranair - Misses with his sword.

DOM - Hey little man I'm on the floor and i'm still bigger than you. - 2 points phshyic. Disadvantage.

Charles - Shotso and misses

CLOH - Swing and misses

TOM - Shoots and misses

DM DD - Steps forward and Swings at Ranair and misses

Ranair - swings back and misses

DOM - Nobody likes you, everyone left you. 2 points of damage

Charles - Shoots and misses

CLOH - Swings and misses

TOM - SHoots and misses

GM DD - Swings and hits CLOH for 4 points.

Ranair - Misses with his sword.

DOM - Hey Rainair you're a good dude. D6 on his next attack.

Charles - Shoots and misses

CLOH - Swings and hits the warhammer across this dwarfs head and destroies it.


The bodies had nothing on him.

DOM goes back with Ranair to the hostel and the rest of the Adventurers wlaks up to the door with the sounds coming from it.


Dom. Ranair tells him that him and his father don't along so well. Father and the current open lord don't get along very well. Their relationship is an astranged relaationship but people thing it's just a show. Dom can tell that he isn't putting on a front and politcally they don't see eye to eye. He doesn't feel his father is really apt and doesn't / shouldn't have had the power that he had. He does have a sizeable inheritance but lives a life alof of the current noble folk. He fights for the people of waterdeep. Roscow is in the hostel and chats. Ranair goes up stairs with roscow and comes back down with 3 health potions. DOM drinks one right away and feels MUCH better. Dom gives rosco a gold coin of appreciation.


Tom inspires CLOH for 10 minutes.

They open it to find grey sludge starting to pour through the cracks. Members of the party recognise it as grey OOZE. Anything metalic that it touches it coorodes. Nothing else in the room apart from the large blob or grey ooze and a shit hole in the corner.

CLOH has warpick in his hand and the Gooze pulls towards the warpick. CLOH throws his warpick down the hole and the ooze DOESN'T follow.

CHARLES - Shoots past CLOH for 9 points of damage

DOM - Shoots for 6 damage

TOM - Ready his bow

CLOH - Brings his crossbow out misses whilst stepping away from the doorway

DM O - Steps out of the room.

Ranair - Readies his sword.

CHARLES - Shoots and hits the blob for 5

Ooze splits into multiple pieces

DOM - Shoots and hits for 6 points of damage

OOZE DIES. Splatters against the wall and dies.


CLOH steps into the main room with bedding and creeks open the other door. It leads to a hallway as we walk down the hallway we can hear a quite conversation where somebody is getting harrassed and not standing up for themselves.

As we walk up the stairs at the end of the hallway we find a long room with a rasied platform at the end with one large doorway to the right. On the left there is a large gap and then two more with curtains.

In the middle of the room stands an half ork with his foot on a human with red hair, his hands are full of flames. At the back of the room on the raised platform is a nightmareish creature with black robes and tendrals cradeling a disemboied brain with feet.


DOM - HEY TAKE CARE OF OUR TOP FRIEND. Shoots an arrow at the flame handed ork.

DM NC - Drops the brain and leaves it on the stage. Walks out of the room from the right door.

DM HF - Turns towards Caighter and walks up. Kamuu dodges a wall of fire but Callum takes the full brunt of this attack. 5 x fire damage

CLOH - Shoots his crossbow for 6 points of damage. The mage hates it.

Charles - Shoots his crossbow for another 6 points of damage. Mage hates it

TOM - Shoots his crossbow and misses

Ranair - Runs up the stairs and stands in front of Charles. "Floon Blagmaar! He's here!"

DM Brain - Walks towards the Adventurers.

DOM - Walks up and gives a potion to CLOH (6 points healing).

DM NC - Hear distant sounds in through the hallway that slowly disappear.

DM HF - Shoots a fire at CHARLES but misses

CLOH - Shoots and misses the ORC

Charles - Shoots past Ranair and hits the Orc for 9. The arm spinters as it goes through his palm and out his jugular.

TOM - Shoots his bow for 5 points of damage at the brain.

Ranair - Steps towards the brain and swings with his sword and misses. Steps back away.

DM Brain - Leaps towards Dom only to miss.

DOM - hey for a brain you aren't that smart. Also trim your toenails. 1 point of phsyic be disadvantage. Steps forward to next to Floon Blagmaar. Hands him a potion.

CLOH - Steps forward and stands next to Floon Blagmaar protecting the body and getting his sword out.

Charles - Shoots and hits the brain for 6 points of damage.

TOM - Shoots his bow for a critical hit (22 damage).

Ranair - Steps up to the brain and takes a swing. Promptly misses and steps back.

DM BRIAN - Looks towards CLOH and makes an intellangence check. Steps onto the other side of the brain.

DOM - Excuse me. As he steps over hte goblin. "Is that palace i see there? right there?" Prompty misses.

CLOH - Steps around the body and swings and misses

Charles - Shoots and hits for 6

TOM - Shoots and hits for 4 points of damage.

Ranair - steps around to the empty side of Floon Blagmaar

DM Brain - Steps behind CLOH and does a phsycic attack for 3 damage.

DOM - Pulls out his rapier

CLOH - Turns around and hits it with the hammer (11 points of damage). The brain explodes and feet go everywhere.


THankyou thankyou for saving me. How did you know to find me here?

Asked me about what was deneath water deep. What was my father up too.

Rumours that my father had something to do about it.

Step into one of the curtained rooms see bedroom with sleeping quaters. Manaquels and pallets on the walls.

The first entry way to the left had a wobbly stone in the corner. CLOH lifts it up and finds a crawl space. Brewing equipment, worthless cluter, kegs.

TOM opens the door in the hidden room. Another room with stairs leading up and a halfing pops around the corner. Halfing asks him what he's doing here. "You're in the storage area of a pub on fish gut alley. Owned by the Peabodies".