Welcome to Waterdeep

📍 at Dom's Place
🙋‍♂️ including Callum as Cighter, Charles as Kamu Lignar, Dom as Stason Jatham, and Tom as Jwayne Donson

Autom waters deep. Crop season. Carts and farmers everywhere. Weather is very windy at all times.

At an inn.

Guy gets put down into a hole to put a pit to get his tankered.

Troll pops out and we fight it. Set him on fire.

Party bet and got some money

Volothamp Geddarmthamp Geddarm. Book writer pops up and offers us money to find his friend Floon Blagmaar.

His friend in 30ish red hair also an Artisan. Lost him in a pub in the dock ward. Skewered Dragon.

We accept the money and go on an adventure. It's midday.

Pass by a restricted venue on Gut Alley. 10 bodies on the ground outside all dead with three in cuffs. Police are no help at all.

Walk down the street pass a Goblin shop keeper selling trickets. Puts us in the right direction of the pub.

Volothamp Geddarm and Floon Blagmaar were spotted walking down the street and got jumped the Goblin tells us. 5 men in black clothing. One of them had a black tattoo of a winged snake. Jumped walking down the street. Were dragged down snail street.

We start talking to the owner of the shop about his wears. He first offers Tom a bag of Human of teeth. I purchase a invitation to a party where some was murdered. 4 gold. Dom purchased a viel of nail clippings. Charles rolled for a black flag that Tom purchased. Charles re-rolled for a weightless stone block. Dom switches for a small bell without a clapper.

Scuffle across the street. Not too many tracks. Nothing to follow.

Charles has a deeper look tracks look to point down South.

Tom has put his pirate flag around his belt.

The tracks lead to the scered dragon. Ruined pub. Old, ships anchor in lodged in its roof. Some people inside that are haggared.

Our group of adventures slowly heads into the pub. Walk up to the bar keep. Tom makes the rag clean in an attempt to help the bar keep but he hates it. We order four ales.

Floon Blagmaar met up with another man, a posh looking fella. The other man was one of them neverember type init. Another partron The one of the last open lord of Waterdeep Renaer Neverember. Just another spoilt rich noble. Here here clink. Played some round of three dragon. Left after playing and went to Candle Lane. Candle Lane has a snake symbol on the door. Around midnight.

Candle lane. Gloom, and smelly, no street lights. Only light is a small flickering.

Warehouse opposite the pub, pub has a snake with wings above the doorway. Ramshackle establishment.

Charles tried to pick. No luck. Dom inspires. We slowly creek the door open, we hear a skittle scattle. As we finally make our way in it's black inside. Warehouse equipment litteres the area. The is a staircase towards the back that leads up. Dingy, but not super dusty or dark. People have clearly moved things around recently.

There is a dozen corses hand on the walls. To short avian creatchers with long beeks and black feathers. Each wears a hooded cloak and a rapier. Cnakoo, crow humnoids. Red robes, hooded cloak.

Xanathar sends it's regards.

Tom takes an attack, crossbow missed. The birds rush us, swish their swords. Short swords. Dom takes a go. Both blocking the way. Callum chargers forward. Bird takes a swing.

"I hear, no time to loot the place get him to the boss."

Swing and hit it.

Up comes Charles. Chargers out into the fray past the bards. Takes a shot at the same bird as the fighter. Flies past the bird.

Tom runs forward and puts the birds to asleep. Narrowly missing our favourite fighter.

Two other bird people pop up with short bows one behind our foes. Firing off at Charles and the other firing at our fighter.

Dom walks forward out of the space near the two asleep birds. Draws S in the air (blade ward) protecting him from pircing things.

Fighter charges forward slapping the bird infront. Clearly distressed.

Charles shoots the already battered bird and kills it on the floor. Sleeping bird.

-- new round.

Tom charges forward. "What you doing come out you idiot." Wisdom save. 2 points phsyic. Vicous mocary.

Bird that fighter attempts to run away whilst our fighter strikes him down.

Bird at the back says "Follow the yellow signs in the sewers." Fires off at Tom.

Dom runs forward and attempts to get the last bird to surrender. The quiver and bow come sliding out.

Tells the last bird the party crazy is crazy. Please stop.

Xanathar sends his regards. Please don't hurt me.

"Follow the yellow signs in the sewers.

The bodies don't appear to have been killed by the bodies.

The party notices that some of the bodies are part of the same group that we saw outside of the pub with the police.

All bodies Leather armor. Black tattoo on either their neck or forearm.

One of hte bodies is wearing nicer armer has a tattoo his hand of a wheel with 10 spokes.

Door can be seen under the stairs.

Tom heads up the stairs. The landing is just as dirty as downstairs.

Three rooms are upstairs. Desk chairs all dirty, nobody appears to have used them and nothing showed up after a search. Apart from a small unused paper bird. As the party departs the rooms they see three alarm bells above all of the doors with wires going along the wall into the ground.

The team looks down the catwalk only to find junk in all of the boxes.

Head down stairs. Door hanging useless on hinges. Smells like fish, rotten tarps. Can hear breathing under a tarp.

Walks slowly up to tarp and rips it off the tarp.

It turns out to be Renaer Neverember boy. Posh man. NOT RED HEAD.

Talks about Floon Blagmaar. Apparently his friend was jumped. He thinks the thugs took him because they thought he was Floon Blagmaar.

Do you know who Xanathar is. Is? - Charles No

Reward for rescuing him. - Charles No

Callum your father said you would pay us. No thats a lie.

Never - I'lll come help your friend.

My father is acused of embexxling money whilst he was the City Lord. Black Network's want it and were going to try to find it Stone of Galore. Zhentarim used to have it but lost it recently.

charles hears whistling in the background and finds a hidden room in the back. Finds a hidden wardrobe. Two wooden crates, look to match the dockward. Inside one crate 4 wooden framed paintings, a pinting 4 cities, luskin, silvermoon, waterdeep, neverwinter boulder gates. 4 x 75 G

10 x 15 pound trade silver gold. 50Gold a piece.

Hear a commotion at the front door. We week around the corner. Captain of the city watch, dozen city watch guard come pouring in.

We tell them it wasn;t us. Jusice Staget. STAGGGAYEEE. We got reports of suspieces activity, clearly you stumbled on this scene.

Have you seen a man in red hair? No. Cant keep track of it. No memory.

Our group leaves. We are handed a note with the code of the local law.

Hughustic Staggit - Vibe from the captain. In charge of the dockward. Everyone knows and respects him. Doesn't believe rumours. Generally uptight. He hates violence but he understands that we were here and not meant to but understands that sometimes people like us have to be there. Cpatain recognises the son. Captain tries to be on best behavior.

Renaer Neverember steps up to the captain and asks on our behalf to help but the captain can't give us any help. 'Keep the blood off the streets".

Doesn't know anything about the sewers.