Friends, Foes, and Flames

📍 at Dom's Place
🙋‍♂️ including Callum as Cighter, Charles as Kamu Lignar, and Dom as Stason Jatham

Dom, Charles & Callum

Group remembers back to the other night when following the half elf home.

Dom asks around the bookshop for a disguise spell but can't find anything that he needs and the bookkeeper asks for too much money.

Black Staff offers a disguise spell for 150G.

Charles ends up donning a disguise to look like a half elf. Wonders the streets looking for another half elf to do a pub crawl with.

We meet Braargh who comes with us on the pub crawl.

We head down towards the Muleskull Tavern. We drink a heap and Charles and Brarrgh start talking to the human girls.

Charles walks up to a well known tavern regular and immediatly begins making out with her much to the amusement of the entire bar. People begin buying him drinks as he's clearly the biggest pimp in the pub.

Charles yells out across the pub asking for all the elfves to cheer and says that the elfves wll rise again. Dom & Charles note that there is a small group of people that seem displeased by this. One hooded figure leaves.

Charles announcing he needs to urinate and goes to follow him.

As he wonders around Charles loses sight of him and cannot follow. He heads back inside and attempts to get Brargh SUPER drunk. As he comes back inside we all realise that Baragh has disappeared.

Charles asked the bar tender and he said he's gone out the back. We note Brargh stumbling down the allyway away from us. We slowly follow behind.

As Bragh stumbles down this allyway along the doorways we hear a CRACK and Bragh falls over.

We hold back for a second to see what happens only for us to focus and note bloody coming from under Bragh's body.

The Adventurers rushes forward Callum holding the man in the doorway whilst Dom attemds to Bragh


--- Turn order --- Charles. Callum DM DOM

C: Shoots a bow at his head for 6 damage. Cal: Walks up to the man and swings his war axe only to hit the doorframe. Raged he uses action surge only to swing and hit the other side. Two misses. DM: The man walks away into the next doorway as he walks Callum gets a swing for 4 non lethal damage. The man manages to get into the next doorway and appears to cock a gun. Now that we're close we realise he's a drow. Dom: STOP WE DONT HAVE TO DO THIS. (Wisdom saving throw, distant whispers). 7 points of damage.

C: Charles walks over Bragh and shoots at the assailent's legs. 5 points of non-lethal damage. Cal: Walks up again to he man. As he gets into range the man swipes causes 6 points of damage. Swinging his war axe he manages to inflict another 7 points of damage. DM: He shoots again at Callum only to miss. DOM: "Hey I told you to slow down!" Goes to do another magic spell only to miss.

C: Shoots his bow again straight at this legs. He manages to miss and for it to bounce of the doorway. Cal: "We have you surrounded stop so we can talk" I get spat at. Callum swings his warhammer again for another 8 points of damage. DM: The drow waves his hands around and speaks some words in under common. A circle completely envelops us and none of us can see anything. It's completely pitch black. We hear drow scamper off. DOM: Attempts a light cattrip only for it not to do anything. He calls out searching for the rest of the Adventurers and moves half speed towards charles.

C: Walks out of the black square to find the Drow in the corner on the other side. Shoots and misses. HES OVER HERE. Cal: Charges forward towards the sound. Only for him to come out of the blackness only to be stabbed for 5 points. I swing but i'm distracted and miss again as well. DM: Swings both shorts swords at Callum to miss both of them as well. DOM: Nobody likes you you're going to die alone. Vicous mocary. 1 point of damage.

C: Shoots again towards the drow only ot miss again. Cal: Swing again to miss. GM: Swings his swords again at Callum for 2 points of damage. DOM: "they say words can't hurt. TRY THIS. You SUCK!". 9 points of damage.

C: Shoots and misses him. Cal: Swings and misses DM: Waves his hands around and says some crazy words. He begins to levitate off the ground. DOM: "Just because you are off the ground doesn't mean you aren't going to fall." 1 point of phsycic damage.

C: Shoots his bow again only to miss it. Cal: As the drow levitates away I go to throw my warhammer at him. Missing horribly. DM: Maintains his levitation (20ft at the moment) DOM: "This is your last chance. I don't want you to regret your actions". 6 points of phycic damage.

C: Charles climbs the wall getting 15 feet up the wall. Cal: Whips his crossbow out and shoots only to miss. DM: COntinues floating up. DOM: Firebolt at the drow. 7 points of damage.

C: SLowly begins climbing back down. Cal: I take another shot only to miss ONCE AGAIN. DM: Licks his gun to point it at DOM. For 5 points of piercing damage & 2 points poision damage. DOM: Flaming mantle begins to surround Dom.

C: Shoots another bolt for 4 points of damage. Cal: Shoots and finally HITS for 2 points of damage. DM: DROW is struggling now and points his guns at Charles. 4 points of piercing dmaage. 4 points of poision damage. DOM: Level 2 super sayin mode. Shoots a super magical fire bolt for 8 points of fire damage.

C: Shoots again and misses. Cal: I throw my crossbow away and go to swing and punch him. Complete miss as he ducks. DM: As he touches back down and ducks he swings his guns back around and shoots dom. 6 piercing, 1 poison. DOM: "You shall not pass!" (Blade ward up)

C: Shoots his legs again only to miss. Cal: Punches and misses once again DM: Yells some magic words and once again we're in complete darkness DOM: "YOU SHALL BURN". 10 points of fire damage. The drow burns and completely dies.


Nothing of consequence on the Drow's body. We look around the ally not to find anything interesting.

Dom talks to the Black Staff about his loss of control.

Charles and I carry the carry the drow back to The Yawning Portal. Weekend at burnies style.

As we get into the pub we meet up with Davil. Charles dumps the body at his feet.

Charles explained how we witnessed Bragh being killed by this Drow. We tried to keep him alive but unfortunatly he died.

Davil thanks us for the work we've done and explains that he has an upcoming infiltration mission coming up.

Dom doesn't want to kill anymore of the Drow but charles argues they should all die.


Oopening of our pub. First 10 days go fine with the ghost managing the estasblishment fine.

We managed to make 25 Gold after all of our maintenance cost.


All three of us run down stairs.

We open the frontdoor to see a column of flames coming out of the street waves of smoke and heat coming towards us.

Dom talks to the Black Staff. Help there is a magical column of fire right near our manor please come help!

We all start pulling people and bodies away from the flames.

1 elderly female human. 2 cloked male humans clad in leather armor with sheathed sword. two female humans, 1 male half elf (people think the last 3 are servents of weather families running errands). 1 male gnome wearing burnt cloke and a dagger. two female halflings carrying a flute and a fiddle. two male halfings that were dancing.

The detective comes up to us after we drag all of the bodies out and lets us know he's gone to get some water. We wait for the city watch.

As we're waiting Charles notices that one of the dead male humans has a black winged snake on his right foot (black network). The dead gnome has dried waste on his boots (suggests he was in the sewers), also had a bulging pouch on his belt.

Charles steals the pouch and finds 5 gem stones.

Guards arrive and take over the watching of the bodies.

Griffin caverly rider circles overhead.

The Guards mention that the Watchful Order of Magests and Protectors are on their way.

The City watch Suargent and somebody from the Watchful Order arrives.

Saeth Cromley, Barnibus Blastwind.

Barnibus appears to do most of the talking whilst Saeth appears to be muscle. When they arrive 20 vetrens arrive as well.

We speak with Barnibus and Seath and I ask about the bodies and the Black Snake Tattoo.

We manage to pursuade them to tell us about it all and Barnibus tells us the Black Order is a red herring. The real interesting thing is this Gnome. Nobody walks around with shit on their shoes around here.

He leans in closer and tells us the Gnome was being followed by three persuers. One of them appeared to get away going south. But what is most interesting is that they appeared to be coming towards your tavern.

Saeth and Barnibus leave the area so we head back into the pub.

Charles shows us the gems. Dom tries to check for magical magic on it and doesn't show as a magical object.

Just as we discover they are worth about 50G a piece, we hear a knock at the door.

There is a senior Vetern at the door and he asks if he can use the tavern to conduct interviews.

I kindly allow them to use the tavern and provide warm drinks for all the victims.


Guards will conduct their business. Rest of the day is taken up my people congreatting around our tavern.