Finders Keepers is for Fools

📍 at Dom's Place
🙋‍♂️ including Callum as Cighter, Charles as Kamu Lignar, and Dom as Stason Jatham

Our group open the double doors. Off the main room.

There a loud snap to the lft of the room. Stone pillar with a perfect circle of 10 equal distance spokes. In the middle of it a liddless eye.

There is also a set of stairs towards the back right going up. A room to the right with a cutain covering it and a doorway at the back of the room. To the left of the room there is a stone archway outline of a door but no door.

DOM feels like the pillar in the middle of the room has something to do with the stone false doorway.

our party realises we probably shouldnt be taking these two on an adventure. DUring this disucssion we hear some whippering coming from the stairs. Dom and Charles investigate.

As Dom steps into the rooom they find a bleeding out on the verge of death Goblin. Right next to a slit in the wall. Both of his arms are lying next to him.

Our groups asks him some questions about the room and what he's doing here and he tells us to fuck off. Callum tries to itimidate him to no evail.

Dom attempts to presuade him to find out details. (essentially blackmail). He doesn't tell us anything and doesn't think we have the dragons to do this.

Callum smashes his head in as everyone walks off.

As Charles walks out of the slit room he notices a hallway off the stairs with light coming through. Charles pushes and discoveres a secret enterence into the sewers.

Callum searches the doorway at the back and discoveres another room full of mattresses. The room behind the curtain is also full of mattresses.

Our group walks back into the main room and searches the wizard and a chest. 2 x potion of healing & 20G.

On the wizard is a magic book containing the following spells (all first level?)- Burning hands, Disguise self, False life, shield, unseen servant, witch bolt.

Floon Blagmaar mentions he's seen the symbol with the eye on it multiple times.

Our group decides to go back out via the secret enterance to the pub. We leave via the pub and walk to The Yawning Portal. Nothing happens on the way there.

It's quite in the pub and we spot Volothamp Geddarm by hmiself in the corner. A man sits down with Volothamp Geddarm (somebody who has seen some shit).

Volothamp Geddarm tells us he doesn't haven't got any money to give us, but offers us a deed to a very lucrative property in Waterdeep. The property is in Trollskull Alley, north ward. 4 stories high beauiful mannor. Purchased it for his next book.

We agree to take the deed and see him tomorrow morning at 10AM to notorise the deed. Our party sleeps for the night at The Yawning Portal.


Next morning we wake up to Volothamp Geddarm waiting downstairs for us like he said. Floon Blagmaar hands 25G to Callum to pay for the magistrate.

As we turn to leave we notice the same 'seen some shit milatery dude' leap up from his chair in the corner. He talks to Caighter about how he works for the current Open lord Levail Silverhand. He offers us a job in the open lords army (recruits).

The Adventurers makes their way to the castle ward. We find ourselves on Buckler Ally. We find ourselves outside a bright pink building. Magirstate Sulmer Helave greets us (cheap elvis). We get our deed signed for Trollskull manor.

As we leave Volothamp Geddarm leaves us and the magistrate passes us a map to the place. our group makes their way to Trollskull Ally 6 ~ 7 shops in the area. Nice part of town, nice wood etc. The Bent Nail (furnative, bows, staves), Seeman Steel, Corlons Crow (non magic remidies), The Tigers Eye (not sure what it is about. Eye on the door), Bookworms Treasure (book shop),

Our group enteres the mannor, 4 stories tall. Although Adanboded one of the greatest buildings on Trollskull Ally. We enter entering the tap room, broken furnature, worthless wine all gone bad. It appears to have been taken over by vagerbonds over various parts of time. Very dusty nothing obvious has been touched in some time. Dom takes the atic and Callum takes the master bedroom.

Dom attempts to leave the estasblishment and we all hear a plate crash from the kitchen. Whilst we all run into the kitchen we hear another plate crash in the taproom. Dom detects magic and finds something toward the bar. The mirror 'Closing time' gets written. As dom heads towards the mirror the glowing object we found shifts into the wall and disappears.

We all look around and see some paintings on wall, suggesting culture in the past. Above the fire place we see a painting of an older gentleman. He slowly comes out of hte painting and materalised infront of us. He looks at us angrily.

Charles - We are the new owners of this Tavern. I am Charles. Who are you?

Dom - Also I said I was worry and I am here to help.

Ghost ~ Points to the apinting behind him and disappears. Under the painting Lif - Propriotor of Trollskull Manor.

Dom attempts to move the apinting and some chairs cascade down and stop him.

Callum attempts to talk to the painting and gets no response.

Dom asks him wants he wants us to do. And the painting points towards a table where four chairs pull out for us to sit in.

Dom makes some cereal in the kitchen and we all sit down at the table.

Lif disappears into the floor and re-appears behind the taps. Goes to pour us a beer but nothing comes out of the taps.

We speak to Lif who points out he wants alcohol in the kegs to re-open the establishment.

Dom goes over to the Tigers Eye. Charles & Callum goes to find a keg.

As Dom is walking he feels a tug on his lHS and he seses a halfling. Broxley Fairkettle. Fellowship of Inn Keepers. Wants to know what we plan to do with the property. Wants us to join the guild.

Dom explains that we aren't really planning that and roles for Deception and passes.

Back at the Inn CHarles and Callum hears the door knock and we open it. The military man from The Yawning Portal - Jelester Silvermane late 30s Human. Chain mail, badge of the watch very official.

He makes a job offer to Callum to join the Lords' Alliance. Callum accepts the job for random jobs on the side from Jelster Silvermane.

To start things off a Gang war is causing unrest throughout the city. One fo the guilds, dungsweepers Guild we've offered protection too. Various gangs are fighting so we're offering protection of the Dungsweepers to protect them whilst they work.

Meet them at mule skull tavern, 6 bells, in the dock ward. To protect them whilst they work. 9 days work then we'll catchup again. He hands me a training badge that gets me a free drink at The Yawning Portal. Any failure will result in a refusal from the Lords' Alliance. Unpaid work to start with whilst they judge me. I argue this and get haggled to 10 gold per day to be paid at the end of the 9 days.

Tigers Eye - Inside looks like a house / business. Vincent Trench introduces himself as a detective for waterdeep.

Dom asks about the Inn Keepers Guild and Vincent Trench that he's legit.

Dom returns ans asks Lif if he was part of the innkeepers guild who verifies that it's legit and that's not the reason he's dead.

The Adventurers talks and dicusses the various meetings they've had. Dom doesn't want to come to the dungsweepers job as he has to go to the bookstore.

BOOK STORE. Gold Dragon Born - Reeshall the Page Turner.

Member of the watchfull order of mages and protectors

3 story building that appears to have more book shelves then it should be possible.

Dom speaks with Reeshell and speaks about weird dreams he's been having as of late and asks for some freelance work. The owner has none avaialble but after further discussions tells Dom to come back tomorrow night and not to tell anyone about it.

Dom makes it back to the Adventurers as we all leave for the Dock Ward to help the shit sweepers.

Our group makes it to the Tavern Muleskull Tavern and we are greated by 4 drunk commoners who are part fo the Guild. They come out apprehenive the see Callum.

Go to the trade ward and sweep nothingn much happens and we take them back to the Mule Skull.

Next day.

There is knock at the door. A male Illuskun Commoner (human that is from this region). Female teethling Commoner. Hamond Cradock, Vinteers brewers and distillers Guild. Wants us to join the guild. 250Gold to join flat fee in return we get wine and beer for free.

He explains it's going to cost about 1000 Gold to renovate and get it up and running.

Our group remembers that we have 15 silver bars (confirm) worth 50 Gold each. We head towards Seeman Steel and enter with the bars. Indoor forge with married Fire Gennassey Emrick & water Abbey, Water most careful order of skilled smtihs and metal fordges.

Lignar walks up to Emrick and begins talking about his past and wants to sell the silver bars. Callum steps forward with the silver bars. Offers 5 gold per pound. Charles astonsihed at this. Dom attempts to bluff for 10 Gold per pound and gets ask to leave the store.

After some precasion Cahrles manages to get 6 Gold per bar. 900 GOLD BABY.

Our group heads to The Bent Nail. Tailsolvenare Fellbranch. We offer him our 4 paintings, Marooto. He offers us 10 Gold a piece and we come back with 100G explaining how important these pieces are.

Group heads to the bookstore. After speaking with the Dragon Born he instantly offeers us 100G for the paintings. After some more haggling we get them sold for 110G each. 440G BABY.

As the trade is completed Tailsovenare Fellbranch walks past and is angry at us for selling underneith him.

Around 5PM now so Charles and Callum head off to work. Dom goes to find the carpetners and the guild members. Dom joins the guilds and pays the carpetners (total 1250G)

Callum & Charles go to work and it is another univentfal night.

Dom goes to the bookstore.

So you dont know hats going no right now.

Dom crazy dreams.

Dom gets handed a scroll with featherfall on it. After various discussions he heads out into the courtyard to particise his new found magical abilities.

On Charles & Callums way home Charles notices a ribbon flowing through the air. He points it out and we slowly chase it down some alleys. As Callum falls behind and only Kamu can see the monster is drops a note for him.

'Wanna be part of something big? Speak with Davel Starsong at The Yawning Portal.'

He shows Callum hte note and they head towards The Yawning Portal. They bump into Dom on the way and together all of them head towards. Yagra Stonefist is in plain view as we enter. Yagra pulls Charles to the side.

A man (Davel Starsong) is sitting at the table ex adventurer that appears to still be doing hard work but dressed well. He says he's part of Black Network otherwise known as the Black network. The network as segmetneted iinto different sects. A sect recently tried to get into waterdeep and attempted to take over the Xanathar guild. It's caused the gang wars to happen. We'd like to bring you onboard and help end this fued. Somebody is killing Elf & Half Elf sailors in the dockward. Each one decapitated in the dead of the night.Meet me in 4 days time.

Davel turns to leave Yagra in toe.

Volothamp Geddarm is also in the tarven. Callum walks up to the table and asks about Lif. Volothamp Geddarm doesn't know anything of detail about Lif, only that the pub used to be super popular like The Yawning Portal.

Charles & Callum & Dom heads off towards the dockwards to look into the killings. We go in search of the Mule Skull Tarvern. Charles talks to various elves in the pub talking about the killings. All of the elves he finds are either drunk or know nothing. Manages to steal 4G off one of the Elves. Gives up on the elves and starts talking to the innkeep.

One of the drunk elves is about to leave. The Adventurers leaves to follow the drunk elve home.