Comic Re-Lif

📍 at Dom's Place
🙋‍♂️ including Callum as Cighter, and Dom as Stason Jatham

Attendees: Dom & Callum

As the Adventurers leaves the tavern he immediatly sobres up and goes home okay.

New Day.

1 day out of 12 into the refirbishment of the manor

Dom goes and spends more time at the library. Practices his magic and tries to help around the bookshop. "I am vagrus safar. The black staff. Some to blacks staff tower at once. Bring your friends."

Dom: What's the black staff tower?

Library Keeper: It's a defensive fortress. Immense magical auro. Wizard training accademy.

Dom: I just felt like somebody was calling me.

Keeper: Maybe this is your calling. The black staff is a powerful mage.

Dom: How far is it?

Keeper: it's in teh castle ward.

Dom heads back to the tavern.

Dom: Callum I need help. Come with me.

Callum: Let's go.

Group heads towards the black staff tower. South west towards the coast in the castle ward.

The merry group arrives. A massive tower is infront of us. All made of what appears to be one block of stone.

Dom: HELLO SENOR BLACK STAFF A women appears.

Staff:(only in Doms head) Welcome I've been expecting you. Staff: Come with us both. I represent the Grey Hands of waterdeep.

We follow through the tower. DOwn and up corridors, through rooms. Who knows if we are above or below ground. Light is through all the windows at all times. even though we think we're underground.

We walk through a big metal door sa she lets us through. Obviously her office / quaters.

Force grey. Grey hands of waterdeep. Private security agency. They fight for the good of the city.

sseek uot Halm. A monk who lives in a cave on the sound of mount waterdeep. Ask him about threats he's heard of waterdeep. Try not to annoy him as he get's annoyed easily.

The Adventurers is in the loby. Dom asks about Callum's history who doesn't expose much.

The Adventurers heads towards the cliffs. As we head closer it gets steeper and steeper.

We look around seeing a small billow smoke coming up towards the top. As we slowly make our way up the top. Dom gets 2 levels of exhaustion. After about an hour we finally reach the cave.

Halm comes out to greet us.

Dom: are you helm? Helm: what brings you here. Dom: sent by the black staff. Helm: Hmmm.

He steps towards the cliff. Turns back to the Adventurers and has white eyes with no pupils.

Helm: Evils twin hides it's face for now. Expect that to change before winters end.

As our group leaves. Helm runs after us telling us of a secret passage that saves us 45 minutes of time.

Our group is back in town. Callum heads towards the dung workers job.

Steve meets us at the tavern. As the Adventurers protects the dung works nothing happens. As the clock strikes 10 we here yells and happenings.

Two city guards run past. Behind them is a large centipeide like creature. Tenticles multiple rows of teeth.

The street eurupts into complete and utter panic. Everyone is running away.


Rolls: Dom: 4, Callum: 13, Creature: 20

DM: Bites guard1. C: Moves forward and hits the creature for 10 points of damage with his warhammer. D: Fireball. Shoots past the monster and hits a near by building. G1: slash with his long sword and hits the monster. G2: Misses and steps back.


DM: Bites guard one again. Another chunk gone. G1 not looking hot barely standing. C: Swing and a miss. D: Sings a nice song and heals G1 for 4 points of health. colour returns to his cheeks. G1: Swings and misses G2: Swings and hits for 4 points.


DM: Swings tentecles twoards Callum. Callum dodges out of the way. C: Hammer swings and smasheds for 6 points of damage Creature looks unhealthy. Moving slower, blood pouring out.

Dom recognises it as a giant worm. Carren Crawler. Has a keen sense of smell but terrible eyesight. Dom recognises that the tentecles are poisones.

D: Shoots a ray of fire for 9 points of fire damage. G1: Hits and swings G2: misses

DM: Tentecles miss the guard. C: Swings and smashes the 'slug' with his hammer squishing into it's body. D: A cone of fire for 6 points of fire damage. Towards the building. The flames move into the creatures body and it falls over dead.

Callum talk to the lord alliance.

Dung sweepers mention that this thing has been attacking the other workers.

The city guard think that it came from the dock ward. It came out of the water and started attacking people.

Dom & Callum gain one renown point for their respective 'guilds'.

Callum easier way around the city. CIty watch know who I am.

The Black Staff whispers to Dom. I see what you have done both on the moutain and for the dung sweepers. Please come visit me again for some more work or if you need help.

As we make our way back to the tavern. We see a native human, looks a bit seedy. We know he;s up to no good, eyeing our pub.

Guy: these people have really changed things around here. Shook things up for no good. Do you know who is doing this? Is it Volothamp Geddarm? Dom: I think so. Guy: I knew it. This was all meant to be mine. He out bid me at the last minute. Disgusting.

We head with the guy for a drink elsewhere to talk but as we go to leave we hear a creaking sound from the Tavern. Callum charges through the front door.

Emike Froon.

After tense discussions inside Dom leaves with Emike. Callum stays back at the tavern.

Dom walks off towards the library whilst trying to lose Emike.

Emike heads to his completely black tavern.

Book Keeper tells Dom that we now own the only thing in the world that Emike wants.

Whilst Callum is at the tarvern he calls on the ghost to check the basement. Callum notes holes in the wall in the kitchen all along the outside walls. Bludging damage.

As Dom re-enters he notes the same thing.

Dom notes nothing of magic origin from the holes. Callum speaks to the workers who say they will fix them up.

Dom goes and talks to the black staff. Black staff thinks for some time and says that she can put some sentries to watch the place whilst we aren't there.

dom asks if she can cast a spell to fix the walls. Black Staff mentions that she can do it as a favour as we have done one for her. Leads us away with an acolate.

Heda back towards the tavern.

The acolyte fixes our walls. As the last hole fills Leaf pops his head out and beckons us inside.

We head in to the kitchen to find food scatered inside crumbes and cheese, all leading towards the cellar.

We head down to the cellar, 3 kegs are broken now empty, beer ale meed everywhere. WE HAVE A BUG OR RAT PROBLEM.


------- Next day

Our group wakes to a crash and a crumble. Screams and crumbling.

An explosion appears to have occured right outside our door.