• Yawning Portal

    Tavern on Rainrun Street × Cook Street in the Castle Ward

    Run by Durnan.

  • Old Xoblob Shop

    Trinkets Shop on Fillet Lane × Zastrow Street in the Dock Ward

  • Skewered Dragon

    Tavern on Snail Street × Fillet Lane in the Dock Ward

  • Abandoned Warehouse

    Warehouse on Candle Lane in the Dock Ward

  • Sewers

    A vast network of connected tunnels built to carry waste and water throughout the city; although, one might find the pathways more useful than just that.

  • Trollskull Alley

    on Saerdoun Street × Delzorin Street in the North Ward

    The Adventurers’ stomping grounds.

  • Trollskull Manor

    Inn and Tavern on Trollskull Alley in the North Ward

    Home of Lif and surefire money-maker.

  • Bent Nail

    Shop on Trollskull Alley in the North Ward

    All things wood: furniture, bows, crossbows, canes, staves, shields. Operated by Tally.

  • Steam and Steel

    Shop on Trollskull Alley in the North Ward

    All things metal: armour and weapons. Operated by Embric and Avi.

  • Corellon’s Crown

    Shop on Trollskull Alley in the North Ward

    Herbal remedies both magical and not. Operated by Fala Lefaliir.

  • Tiger’s Eye

    Shop on Trollskull Alley in the North Ward

    Private Eye. Operated by Vincent Trench.

  • Book Wyrm’s Treasure

    Shop on Trollskull Alley in the North Ward

    Books, scrolls, and spells for sale. Operated by Rishaal the Page-Turner.

  • Muleskull Tavern

    Tavern on Ship Street × Cod Lane in the Dock Ward

    Favourite watering hole of Dungsweepers, Sailors, and Steve alike.

  • Blackstaff Tower

    on Swords Street in the Castle Ward

    Home to Blackstaff Academy and immense magical power and secrets. Made from smooth, blackened stone, it appears to be a three-storey tower, but the inside belies its dozens of levels and twisting stairwells. Operated by Vajra Safahr, the current Blackstaff.

  • Mount Waterdeep

    in the Castle Ward

    A rough and rocky mountain which overlooks the city, sprawling some 210 metres above the sea below. Home to Hlam.

  • The Hawk Man

    Statue in the Castle Ward

    Bears a resemblance to a winged, hawk-headed being some call an Aarakocra. Ringing a bell at its base tells a door guard lowers a rope ladder for rich tenants who live in its hollowed core.

  • House of Inspired Hands

    Temple on Seawatch Street × Shark Street in the Sea Ward

    Waterdeep's temple to the God and Lord of all Smiths, Gond.

  • Gralhund Villa

    on Saerdoun Street × Pony Way in the North Ward

    The Gralhund family's large and enclosed mansion.

Full map of the city of Waterdeep
  1. Yawning Portal
  2. Old Xoblob Shop
  3. Skewered Dragon
  4. Abandoned Warehouse
  5. Trollskull Alley
  6. Muleskull Tavern
  7. Blackstaff Tower
  8. Mount Waterdeep
  9. The Hawk Man
  10. House of Inspired Hands
  11. Gralhund Villa

Full map of Trollskull Alley
  1. Trollskull Manor
  2. The Bent Nail
  3. Steam and Steel
  4. Corellon’s Crown
  5. Tiger’s Eye
  6. Book Wyrm’s Treasure
  7. Sewer Entrace
  8. Fireball

Full map of Trollskull Manor
  1. Main Entrance
  2. Private Staircase
  3. Lif’s Portrait